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Compare prices on Zoom products
Rangefinders are a massive part of golf nowadays, and most club golfers are the proud owner of a distance measuring device of some sort. Each player is different, and luckily for us, there are vast amounts of options out there to choose from. Whether it be a laser rangefinder, wristwatch, or a handheld mobile device, companies in the industry are now considering distance measuring devices as a major piece of equipment in a players arsenal. 
When it comes to laser rangefinders in particular, Zoom are a brand that’ve thrown their hat into the ring with the likes of Bushnell, Nikon, and Volvik with their ‘Focus’ line of rangefinders. The ‘Focus x’ which is the company’s flagship product is a particular favourite of ours here at CGP. With features such as slope mode, vibration feedback, and 6 times magnification, it can be compared with the best in the business, and should certainly be considered an option if you’re in the market for a laser rangefinder. 
Just one thing, remember to turn the slope function off if you’re playing in a tournament, or you could find yourself in trouble...

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