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In a nutshell CompareGolfPrices.co.uk founders Gary and Steven, we are obsessed golfers just like you. We go out every week in the hope of shooting that magical score that makes us go home and tell our wives and kids or anyone else who really doesn’t give a shit about the great shots we played. Only to go out the next day and have a mare. We still believe that a new driver will solve all our erratic swings or a new putter may have magic in it and one putt every green. Basically we are golf delusional! However, one thing we are not delusional about is saving golfers money! Helping golfers compare thousands of products in one handy place to get them the best price and service.

We have teamed up with all the leading online retailers and local pro shops to help get you the best price ultimately, but convenience and a local service where possible. Prices are monitored and updated daily and you can get price alerts on the clubs you desire so you never miss a deal when the price drops.

Our site is free to use and always will be for all golfers and consumers.

So how do we keep the site up and running if it's free? sometimes we earn a small commission if you click through to buy a club via one of our links, but it never costs you anymore.

Our Promise - We will always promote the best price regardless of whether we make money or not!

We are 100% impartial, we are not sponsored by any brands and we will always have our golfers as our first priority over commercial gain.

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