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It's all about the golf shaft and not just in your driver. Fit the wrong one, and your game will never reach its maximum potential. Golf shafts are not all made equal, and they are definitely not a one size fits all product, whether it's regular or stiff, high or low kick points, torque, high launch, or if you swing it faster than most, then you could be in extra, extra stiff. Anyway, if you are looking for gains and think a specialist golf shaft is the way to go, you will find a great selection below at the best prices of all the leading shaft brands including HZADUS, Tensei, True Temper, Nippon, KBS to name a few. Our advice is straightforward when it comes to shafts, they MUST be fitted unless you know your numbers or are replacing an existing shaft with the same. Use our GoLowPro service to get a lower price off a local pro and get fitted for the shaft that will work with your swing and give you maximum performance. 
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