Compare Prices for Theragun Products

Compare prices on Theragun products
Being pain free and being able to move at will is taken for granted by most human beings, but when the time comes that an injury pops up and these privileges are taken away, it soon hits home how important health and fitness are. 
Dr Jason Wersland is an American chiropractor, and the mastermind behind the Theragun device, which is a percussive therapy instrument used to prevent and treat muscle injury. Following a motorcycle accident in 2009, Jason was looking for a way to treat his pain as nothing seemed to be giving him the relief required. He took it upon himself to build a make shift massager out of some tools he had lying around, and unbeknownst to him, had made the first ever Theragun massager. 
Today, ‘Therabody’ is a worldwide company that provides a whole variety of products designed to improve wellness, performance, and recovery. Percussion therapy, rollers, and compression devices are among the range on offer, and with the help of some of the worlds smartest heads in physical therapy, training, engineering, and science, Therabody have created some life changing equipment. 

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