Compare Prices for Skygolf Products

Compare prices on Skygolf products
SkyGolf is the company responsible for bringing us the popular SkyCaddie rangefinders and watches, and have become one of the leading brands around the world in their field.  The purpose of the SkyGolf brand is to develop world class technology and increase participation rates by ultimately making the game easier and more enjoyable for golfers through the use of technology. 

You don’t usually have to look far around your local golf club to see a bag or trolley with a SkyCaddie attached to it, and it’s for good reason. Since the company’s inception in 1996, the technology on offer in their products has gone from strength to strength. Impressively, the newest models on offer today like the handheld ‘SX400’ and ‘SX550’ provides the golfer with full colour high definition 4 and 5’ touchscreen displays, WiFi connectivity, and 35,000 ground verified  golf courses around the world. SkyCaddie claim ‘nothing else comes close’, and we’d have to agree!

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