Compare Prices for RZN Products

Compare prices on RZN products
Any person who was playing golf in the period between 2011 and 2016 can probably remember Nike's RZN Tour and RZN Speed golf balls. They were around when the likes Of Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods were using the electric blue Nike Vapor driver that every golfer loved! Unfortunately, in 2016 Nike decided to pull out of the golf equipment business, and that meant that the hugely popular RZN golf balls also seen their end.  
Now for the good news… In January of 2020, the RZN brand was relaunched following the company’s purchase of the patent for Nike’s golf ball design, and four different golf balls were introduced soon after. The HS-Tour, MS-Tour, Distance, and Speed variations have all been released, and the company claim that golfers can expect a more stable flight and an improved energy transfer between club and ball thanks to improved technology within the golf ball. For players looking for a cheaper alternative to the Pro V1, these balls could be the answer!

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