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Ram FX100 Golf Package Set

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Ram FX100 Golf Package Set – Best UK Price

High Performance Men’s Starter Set

Combining great value, high-performance and good forgiveness in a comprehensive set, the Ram FX100 Complete Golf Package Set is a fantastic golf set that is aimed at men who are just starting out but good enough to last beyond the initial stages of development.

Offering all the necessary clubs, this set offers a driver, a wood, hybrids and irons that all offer excellent forgiveness whilst also delivering great direction and distance. Alongside a putter with alignment aid to help sink the ball, this package golf set is great for high performance at great value.


The 460cc driver with graphite shaft has a clubhead that is larger than most. This design has created a bigger sweet spot for more consistent shots and better forgiveness, good news for a beginner. The bigger size also helps create top-spin with the result being enormous distance.

Fairway Wood

In a similar design to the driver, the Fairway Wood is an oversized club with a high MOI giving great forgiveness whilst delivering consistently good distance and direction.

Utility Clubs

The Utility Woods (3-4) are hybrid clubs that use the latest in club design to help the beginner golfer achieve more. Replacing the long irons that are more difficult to use, these clubs have a bigger hitting zone and a weighting system that allows for greater forgiveness through a higher MOI. The result on the course is a shot with more distance and improved direction, even on a shot that is less than perfect.


The RAM FX 100 includes an iron range from 5 to SW which features a deep cavity design that will help anyone get the ball flying with ease. With a strong emphasis on forgiveness throughout the package set, the irons are designed with large clubheads to lower the centre of gravity and add consistency to the high performance.


The final club in the set is the putter which, incorporating a visual alignment aid and a wide head, is a fantastic club for someone who lacks confidence on the green.

Golf Bag

The golf bag is made from a UV resistant nylon fabric with dual strap and also contains head covers for the driver and woods. With so much crammed into the set, the RAM FX 100 is amazing value for money, being available for under £200.


Combining fantastic performance with great forgiveness, the RAM FX 100 Golf Set is the full package. The fantastically designed tools will give confidence to someone learning the game, whilst the quality of performance ensures that beginners are buying more than just a starter kit.

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