Compare Prices for MKids Products

Compare prices on MKids products
MKids are a company dedicated solely to the manufacturing of children’s golf clubs, and go the extra mile to ensure the clubs and equipment they provide are suited to each individual case. Historically, children would usually be thrown a set of ladies clubs that had been cut down so they looked the right length, and that would be that until they were tall and strong enough to move into men’s sized clubs. Now however, through research it has been found that factors like height, strength and swing speed all need to be taken into account when buying clubs for kids. Incorrectly sized equipment can have a detrimental effect on the development of young golfers. 
MKids offer different lengthed clubs, grip thicknesses, shaft flexes, as well as weight and lofts in order to make the formative years in golf as easy as possible for kids. The company claim to have ‘re-examined, resized, and redesigned’ junior golf. 

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