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Compare prices on PUMA products
PUMA are a worldwide sports brand that was formed in 1948 by German shoemaker Rudolf Dassler. Although the brand were officially founded in 1948, there’d been a lot of work done by brothers Rudolf and Adolf in years previous which laid foundations for Rudolf eventually forming the PUMA sports company we know today. The brothers made running spikes in the early years, and their footwear was worn in competitions like the Olympic games in 1928, where USA track and field legend Jesse Owens was among several competitors using Dassler spikes. 
What came in years that followed were the likes of football boots in the 1950’s, trainers and football shirts in the 1970’s, tennis rackets in the 80’s and a sailing yacht in the 2000’s. PUMA have dabbled in everything when it comes to sport, and it wasn’t until recently in 2006 when the golf industry was the next challenge for the ever evolving company. Clothing, footwear and accessories were released, and with the help of Ricky Fowler, the brand has become a massively popular option for golfers. If bright colours and a modern style are your thing, check out the PUMA golf range.     

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