Compare Prices for Pride Golf Tee Products

Compare prices on Pride Golf Tee products
The Pride Golf Tee company are well known as the largest manufacturer and most dominant wooden golf tee producing company in the world. Dating all the way back to 1930, Pride originally produced wooden mouthpieces for cigars, and it wasn’t until around 1956 when their golf tee was born in Guilford USA. 
The Pride golf tee family consists of two sub brands, the ‘Professional Tee System’, and the ‘Pride Golf Tee’ which can both be found in most golf shops across the world. Both variations have their own special features that allow the golfer to get the best out of the tee they choose. 
Pride golf tees come in a range of materials including plastic, wood and bamboo, and include the likes of the brush tees and the four pronged tee, which are both designed to reduce friction with the golf ball therefore resulting in longer drives. The professional tee system tees are perhaps the more common among golfers, and are designed with a printed system that allows golfers to have an easy way to identify the length of their tee for every shot. These tees come in a variety of sizes for use with all clubs. 

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