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Compare prices on PRGR products
PRGR are a Japanese company that plan, develop and produce equipment for golf. The company were formed in 1983 and have been responsible for some big advancements in club technology in the industry over the years. In 1983, PRGR were the developer of ‘head speed theory’ which was a game changer in terms of maximising clubhead speed during the swing. 
The company began to design clubs where old methods of instinct and experience were disregarded, and a scientific, methodological approach was taken in order to maximise potential clubhead speed. This is now a universally fundamental premise of club design. 
As well as golf clubs, PRGR developed the first golf balls that were specifically suited to a players swing speed, and have also recently released their first launch monitor. When people consider buying a launch monitor, it’s usually the four figure price tag that quickly puts them off the idea. With the PRGR launch monitor, you get a very affordable piece of kit which provides accurate data. If you’re a golfer that’s aboard the clubhead speed train at the moment, this could be a perfect way for you to track progress as you go.  

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