Compare Prices for P2 Grips Products

Compare prices on P2 Grips products
P2 are an Irish company founded in 2011 that have brought a unique putter grip to the golf industry. P2 grips are flat sided, and include a patented off-centre shaft design which completely alters the way that the golfers hands and arms are manipulated when they hold the putter. The grips promote a higher hand position at address, and according to P2 limits hand and wrist movement during the stroke, leading to better control of the clubface. The flat sides of the grip are parallel to the clubface, giving the player a great visual guide when lining up the clubface. 
The company offer a ‘Tour’ range, and a ‘Core’ range, all varying in colour, size and appearance, and the off-centre shaft technology remains consistent in all. Irish golfing legend and infamous ‘tinkerer’ Padraig Harrington is a big advocate of P2 grips, and if they’re good enough for a 3 time major champion...

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