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Compare prices on MacGregor products
The MacGregor timeline is perhaps the most decorated of all when looking back at their history in the golf industry. It could even be said that the company are solely responsible for the way golf clubs and equipment have developed into what they are today. Dating all the way back to 1897, MacGregor were the first to do everything. Wooden club heads, hickory shafts, iron clubheads, steel shafts, rubber grips, you name it! 
The likes of Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus used MacGregor golf clubs during their incredible careers, and in the 1950’s over half of the players on the PGA Tour used them too. The 60’s seen players like Tom Watson and Tom Weiskopf use MacGregor clubs during major championship victories, and this dominance couldn’t be matched. As the 1980’s began, so too did the innovation from MacGregor. Cavity back irons were introduced along with the first titanium headed woods, which laid the foundations for the modern day clubs we see today. 

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