Compare Prices for Lamkin Grips Products

Compare prices on Lamkin Grips products
Lamkin are one of the oldest grip companies in the golf industry, dating all the way back to 1925. The company was founded by American Elver Lamkin, who worked on his own in the early days, designing leather grips in his garage at home in Chicago. 
The 1960’s was a decade for changes for lamkin, as the company began to develop hybrid grips which were made with leather and rubber together, and then later a synthetic rubber grip. These new materials ensured that lamkin grips were affordable for the masses, and provided the player with a more consistent feel than its leather predecessor. 
Although the ‘crossline’ family of grips have been the major hitter with tour players over the years, with Arnold Palmer being the main man, the grips available today are pushing the bar in terms of technology and performance. Fingerprint technology grips which contain micro textures on the surface are now on offer, and these grips provide excellent traction and feel in all weather conditions. Check out the ‘comfort plus’ grips if you like the sound of that!

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