Compare Prices for Lacoste Products

Compare prices on Lacoste products
Lacoste is a French retail company founded in 1933 by professional tennis player Rene Lacoste. Rene was a 7 time grand slam winner in tennis, and was the best player in the world in the mid 1920’s following great success. The famous lacoste crocodile symbol came about when the American press labelled Rene as a crocodile due to his tenacity when on the tennis court. He asked a friend to sew a crocodile onto his white tennis clothing that he wore when competing, and the rest was history!
Lacoste the brand began designing unique lightweight cotton polo tops for tennis, and these were a lot different from the clothing that was available at the time. Fast forward to 1950, and lacoste clothing was now being exported around the world and was a huge name among the sport industry.  
Eyewear, fragrance, footwear and watches are among the products on offer from lacoste today, and they continue to be world leaders in every market they engage in. Novak Djokovic was appointed brand ambassador for Lacoste in 2017, as like founder Rene, he displays elegance and tenacity while on the tennis court.

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