Compare Prices for Iomic Products

Compare prices on Iomic products
The grips we have on our golf clubs are a very personal thing. Some players prefer a rough chorded pink grip, others prefer a soft tacky white grip. Some prefer a jumbo grip, some prefer a thin grip. You get the picture. 
Iomic are a golf grip company founded in 2005 who’ve now found themselves competing with the likes of golf pride at the top of the tree in the golf grip market. Although the Iomic range isn’t anywhere near as vast as that of the likes of golf pride, this shouldn’t make you disregard them by any means. The company have amassed a huge amount of tour wins already, with Masters Champ Hideki Matsuyama being a big advocate of the ‘Sticky 2.3’ grips in particular. 
Following a vigorous testing process, Iomic decided to use materials called elastomers, which when configured were water resitant, had a tacky feel, and could be coloured easily, hence Iomics wide colour variety on offer. 

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