Compare Prices for Golf Pride Products

Compare prices on Golf Pride products
When you think golf grips, you think Golf Pride, and that’s usually that. With more than 80% of tour professionals using Golf Pride grips at the highest level and not one of them being paid to do so, that in itself speaks volumes as to the quality of the products. Founded all the way back in 1949 by Thomas L Fawick, it was he who had the idea that rubber could potentially be an alternative worth considering for golf grips, instead of leather which had historically been the material of choice. 
Rubber as a material provided many positive improvements over leather, including enhanced feel, a higher traction gripping surface, and was a lot lighter in weight. As the 1950’s came, so too did the first ‘slip on’ grips released by Golf Pride, and this was to be a massive game changer for the industry.
 The huge variations in the makeup of the materials, colour and thickness of grips on offer from Golf Pride ensures that golfers can choose the perfect grip and be confident that they have the very best in their hands. 

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