Compare Prices for Evnroll Products

Compare prices on Evnroll products
You might be able to remember the company ‘RIFE’ that manufactured putters back in the 2000’s? Yes? The founder of RIFE, Guerin Rife has as of 2015, set upon a new venture with his partner Stephen Ridley in forming a new company, Evnroll. Like RIFE, Evnroll are a company solely dedicated to putters. And this time Guerin looks to have nailed it. 
With wins on the Challenge, LPGA, LET and Korn Ferry Tours already, Evnroll have burst onto the scene with their range of putters that all include a 100% milled face. What sets Evnroll apart from others is the technology that’s used in the putter face. ‘The sweetest face in golf’ is the tagline for the company, and this is literally the case. Evnroll putters have a larger sweetspot than any other putter, and this expanded sweetspot provides a guarantee that all shots will travel the same distance. They claim that performance remains the same regardless of strike.  
For the golfers who rarely hit the middle of the face, (you know who you are), Evnroll putters could make the difference!

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