Compare Prices for Champ Products

Compare prices on Champ products
Champ are an American company that produce spikes for sport cleats, and have been a world leader in their field since they started to manufacture spikes in 1958. The company were founded in 1931, and initially made shoe dryers and plastic for the tip of shoe laces, before moving into sport cleat technology. 
Champ have a range of different spikes on offer for several different sports including golf, baseball, and football. For golf, Champ have designed their spikes so players have a choice in what characteristics they personally want from a spike. The ‘Scorpion Stinger’ range contains two different types of plastic and offers excellent traction while out on the course. Alternatively, the ‘Zarma’ spikes are a lot softer and actually compress with each step, giving the golfer a softer more comfortable experience.
Champ have now also branched into the equipment and accessory lines in golf, and are now the largest producer and distributor of golf tees in the world. Keep an eye out for Pride golf tees the next time you’re in the local pro shop!

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