Compare Prices for Challenge Golf Products

Compare prices on Challenge Golf products
Challenge are an American company that recycle and refurbish golf balls. For the golfers out there who aren’t picky with the ball they’re using, Challenge balls are the way forward. The company restore used golf balls to a high level, and give players the opportunity to swerve the costs of the brand new alternative by being able to pick up balls at a fraction of the cost.   
Top brands like Titleist, Callaway and Bridgestone are available, and to the naked eye, you’d think you were getting a brand new ball with the refurbished options. Whether it be for playing on the course, or loading the shag bag up for practice, Challenge golf balls will always come in handy. 
We recommend Challenge balls for choppers who’re likely to lose a handful of balls per round. If the rough is up, or there’s water on your course, it’s a no brainer. Lose your ball in the hay or the drink, reload, and go again at an affordable price!

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