Compare Prices for BLOC Products

Compare prices on BLOC products
Bloc Eyewear are a UK based designer who revolutionised the British sports eyewear market back in 1988, by creating high performance products at affordable prices. Premium eyewear historically came with a top-end price tag before the company came along, but Bloc arrived in the market and offered sunglasses and goggles which included some very impressive technology and an affordable price tag to go with them. 
For golf eyewear specifically, the ‘Daytona’ range should be your first go to when checking out Bloc sunglasses. The Daytona glasses come with the high protection XTR Karbon8 lens, which are perfect for the bright conditions that golfers are faced with out on the course. Bloc claim that their lenses are clearest, sharpest, most technically advanced lenses on the market, and their worldwide success suggests that their customers agree.

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