Compare Prices for Ben Sayers Products

Compare prices on Ben Sayers products
Ben Sayers is believed to be the oldest golf company still in existence, dating all the way back to 1873. The company was founded by Ben Sayers, who was a successful golfer as well as a gifted club repairer and golf ball maker. Ben’s first shop was at North Berwick golf club in Scotland, and it was here that Ben began to manufacture golf clubs. 
Fast forward to 1934, the demand for Ben Sayers equipment was increasing quickly, and this meant that the business had to move to a factory in North Berwick allowing the company to flourish in the worldwide market of high quality custom made clubs. Ben Sayers was the company responsible for a number of breakthroughs in golf club technology, none more important than the first carbon shafted clubs, and the first oversized driver heads.
Today, Ben Sayers focus their attention on the beginner and developing golfer market, producing game improvement clubs that provide the most forgiveness to the less experienced players among us. Although they may not compete with the top brands like they did in the early days, they still play a big part within the golf industry.

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