Compare Prices for 3Bays GSA Products

Compare prices on 3Bays GSA products
Clubhead speed is the big buzz phrase in golf at the moment as we see players hitting it further than ever before on tour every week. Are you a golfer who wants to hit it long and gain the bragging rights in your Saturday 4 ball? If you are, and you have the time to practice, then you should really have some form of equipment that allows you to track your progress. 
According to GSA, they are the creators of the lightest, most accurate swing sensor to have ever graced the planet, and are confident that the data retained from the sensor can help you improve your game. The GSA sensors attach into the top of the club and provides the player with data lists as long as their arm following the shot, including clubhead speed, face angle, carry distance and shaft lean numbers. Impressive or what?
A putting version is also available to help sharpen the skills with the short stick, also providing the golfer with information on club and swing data. Analysis of the swing is done via an app, which can also be used to compare yourself with professionals, and as a tool to share information with the coach. 

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