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Winter Golf Mittens Buyers GuideFor winter golf, a pair of golf mittens is recommended, to protect hands from the uncomfortable bite of the sharp winter wind. Golf mitts can be worn either on top of a playing glove or just over the hand.

While there are several different types of winter golf mittens available, most have a number of features in common.

Mitten technology

The exterior of most golf mitts is constructed from a synthetic fabric, which should be waterproof. The ‘body’ of the golf mitten is constructed from a thick insulating thermal material, for maximum heat retention. The inner layer of most golf mittens consists of a soft, fleecy material. Some have a fingerless design, allowing fingers to group together for better heat retention, while others have individual finger slots for better comfort. Heated, waterproof mittens are a reasonably recent innovation. They contain integral wires and are designed to be attached to a golf cart battery or an optional 12v battery pack fitted to a trolley. Expensive, but reviews suggest they are extremely effective.

Full List of UK Available Winter Golf Mittens

Below is our complete list of currently available winter golf mittens. Just click on the links to get more information and winter mitten price comparisons:

Mens Winter Golf Mittens

The Galvin Green Winter Mittens are top quality gortex mittens that are built to last. The outer fabric is completely windproof waterproof, which combined with an integrated “windproof” waterproof membrane keeps hands as dry as possible. A soft fleece lining provides maximum warmth, while the laminated membrane ensures a high level of breathability that enables moisture to be transported away. Adjustable bands allow for optimum fit and keep the mitts securely in place. No.1 Pick

Another great looking mitten is the Cobra Winter Mitten. The outer layer of these golf mitts is constructed from a durable waterproof nylon. The inner of the mitten features a fleece-lining.

If your going to be playing in particularly windy or cold environments then have a look at the Galvin Green Gorex Mittens. These are top of the range mittens built for extreme weather. Reviewers deemed them excellent value for money.

Ladies Winter Golf Mittens

The outer of these golf mittens is polyester, with a breathable, waterproof laminate. Fleece-lined for warmth and comfort, they have individual finger slots and adjustable wrists.

Juniors Winter Golf Mittens

The selection of winter golf mittens for junior golfers is, at best, extremely limited. Given the “one size” nature of golf mittens, it is recommended that younger players look at the smaller types of adult mittens. For girls, most ladies’ golf mittens will prove suitable. Younger boys with particularly small hands may find adult men’s mittens simply too big. In this instance, some of the less feminine-looking ladies’ mittens, such as the Callaway blue/black range may be appropriate.

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