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Powakaddy Golf Bags – UK Best Price

Powakaddy Deluxe Golf Bags

The Deluxe Powakaddy Golf Bag comes in mens and ladies versions. These are Powakaddy’s premium golf cart bags and made from high quality materials and looks great in both PVC and Nylon versions. The 13-way divider system runs the full length of the bag and there’s a separate slot on the side for your putter.

Powakaddy Deluxe Cart Golf Bag Review

It has storage galore with two huge pockets on the side and there smaller accessories pockets located on the front. It even comes with a FREE valuables pouch which is a nice touch. As well as great weather-tight storage the bag has lots of nice little features that have been added over time based on customer feedback.

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Powakaddy Sport Golf Bags

The Sport Golf Bag is the smaller and lighter cart trolley offering from Powakaddy Bags. If you struggle with a bad back and you can live without the extra space and features of the Deluxe then this is the bag for you. The main difference is that it only has a 9-way divider system on top. And like the deluxe it has an easy access putter slot on the side.

Powakaddy Sport Cart Golf Bag Review

The Sport comes with great storage too. It has two large side pockets and three well designed smaller pockets for your golf balls, golf accessories and valuables. One of the pockets has a special thermal lining which keeps your drinks or snacks cool in the summer and hot in the winter. All in all this is a great bag for the price.

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