Compare Prices for Zippo Products

Compare prices on Zippo products
When it comes to lighters, iconic American brand Zippo are the manufacturers of arguably the most popular lighters of all time. The company were founded in 1933 by American inventor George Blaisdell, and began production immediately. The windproof and robust nature of the lighters separated them from competitors, and following World War 2 where Zippo had dedicated their production solely to the US military, popularity among the nation was high. Production was restarted for the consumer market following the war, and the company began to grow exponentially. 
Today, Zippo have an impressive line of products as they continue to expand. Not only is the company a manufacturer of lighters, but it is also a symbol for a period of time in history. This has been demonstrated through the use of the lighters as props in the likes of films and television shows over the years. The famous lifetime guarantee that comes with Zippo lighters shows that these products are there to stand the test of time, so why not treat yourself to a top product with the history to match it!

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