Yoga Neck Stretching Exercises for Golfers

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What are the best neck stretching exercises for golfers? What golf exercises can I do for a sore neck or a stiff neck? If you want to know the answer to these questions then this post is for you.

If like me you suffer from recurring tension in the neck and it’s affecting your golf swing then I’d recommend you watch the first 10 minutes of this video and adopt it as part of your golf fitness regime.

Neck Stretching Exercises for Golfers

The exercises in this video will help you to stretch and relax the muscles in and around the neck. Not only are these exercises good for unlocking tension in the neck but if carried out regularly they can help to lengthen and strengthen the neck muscles which could lead to you making better golf swings.

Thanks to YogaYak for making this excellent Yoga Learning Resource freely available.

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