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The range of Yes! Putters is vast, with dozens of models which include long, belly putters, and the appropriately named, Pink Marilyn, Pink Tiffany, Pink Tracy and Pink Victoria II ladies’ putters. These putters’ are suitable for amateur and professional golfers alike.

Innovative designs, including so-called “C-Groove” technology, which is the brainchild of instructor and inventor Harold Swash, has brought Yes! Putters to the attention of golfers worldwide and brought Yes! Golf to the forefront of the golfing equipment industry.

Yes! Golf European Tour Winning Putts

Yes! C-Groove Putter Models – Best UK Price

Yes! C-Groove Putter Technology

The key to Yes! C-Groove Putters is the construction of the putter face, which features precision milled and concentric grooves slanted upwards at an angle of 20°. Unlike a conventional putter face, this design grips a golf ball, at impact, and imparts topspin on the ball so that it starts rolling forward end over end very quickly. A conventional putter face may cause a ball to jump or impart backspin upon it so that the ball may not actually start rolling forward until it is 12″, or more, from the putter face. In direct contrast, the C-Groove design achieves this feat in just 3″ or 4″.

Yes! C-Groove Putter Specification

The combination of high quality materials, precision engineering, and attractive finishing makes Yes! Putters enviable in terms of performance, as well as design. The C-Groove Amy model, for example, features an offset stainless steel shaft and a putter head weighted at 12ozwhich is finished in titanium carbon. The lie of the putter is 72°, as standard, and the loft is 2.5°, with right-handed and left-handed versions available in shaft lengths ranging from 32″ to 36″. The Yes! Callie F Putter, on the other hand, is a single piece of manganese bronze, forged into a cavity back putter in a traditional style. Grooves are, once again, precision milled into the putter face, but a process of oxidation eliminates potential glare. Manganese bronze provides a soft responsive feel and in combination with C-Groove technology, makes the Yes! Callie F Putter a quality item for the keen golfer.

What Reviewers Say

The number of Tour wins with Yes! putters speaks volumes but they’re also highly acclaimed by amateurs too. The general consensus appears to be that Yes! Putters can bring about substantial improvement in confidence and performance on or around the green. Yes! Putters have been variously described as “amazing” and “perfect for my needs”. In fact, one amateur reviewer claims to have reduced his handicap by 8 strokes in just one month because of his improved putting performance, so an investment in the technology provided by Yes! Putters may, indeed, prove to be well founded.


Yes! Golf is committed to creating a real, technological advantage for amateur and professional golfers, which hopefully, will be reflected by their scorecards. Yes! Putters are available in a range of innovative designs, styles, lengths and weights and are all manufactured to the highest possible standard. It might just be the best £100 investment you can make in your game!

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