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Wilson Staff Di11 Irons review

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Wilson Staff Di11 Irons – Best UK Price

Wilson Staff Di11 Irons Review

The new Wilson Staff Di11 Irons are designed for players looking for more distance and forgiveness. They are easy to hit and if your in the market for a set of 2011 super game improvement irons then these really need to be on your short list.

If you are a high handicapper who doesn’t get much time to practice and is looking for clubs with a little helping technology then these clubs have been designed for you. Wilson Staff has developed the Di11s for what they call the D-Player – basically high handicap golfers who don’t have much time to practice swing technique and perfect their ball striking.

Easy to Hit irons even when you don’t middle it. They’re on the Golf Digest 2011 Hotlist for good reason”Neil Peters
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Wilson has employed a design that effectively stretches the sweetspot out over the whole clubface. So even if you hit the ball out of the toe of heel you’ll not see as much lost distance or extreme curve balls! Wilson has also integrated an elastomer insert in the cavity which helps to dampen vibration and gives a really nice crisp sound which inspires confidence.

For just over the £300 mark the Wilson Staff Di11 Irons represent very good value for money. This gets you 7 irons (5-SW) and some retailers are even throwing in a FREE WEDGE.

The Di11s come in three shaft options: Steel, Full Graphite and Wilson’s patented Half Graphite / Half Steel shaft. Expect to pay more for the graphite and half & half shaft options. Most will prefer the steel shafts, but, as there’s less weight in the shafts with graphite they will appeal to senior golfers or golfers who prefer lightweight clubs.

It’s easy to see why these irons are on the 2011 Golf Digest Hot List – distance, forgiveness, excellent build quality, they look great and they’re very reasonably priced.


  • Very Reasonable Price
  • Most Forgiving Game Improvement Irons
  • Powerful, Accurate and Fun to Play
  • Large Sweetspot Stretched to the Edges
  • Crisp Sound Inspires Confidence
  • Look Great from All Angles

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Wilson Staff Di11 Irons best price

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Wilson Staff Di11 Irons cheapest

Wilson Staff Di11 Irons reviews

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