Compare Prices for Wellputt Products

Compare prices on Wellputt products
Wellputt is an American company that manufacture golf training aids for putting. Founded in 2016, Wellputt have brought a range of products to the industry, and have PGA Tour coach Cameron McCormick at the front of their company giving his approval. 
For those who like to practice away from the golf course, we’d recommend that you take a look at the Wellputt putting mats. The company offer 3 different sizes of mat beginning at 10ft and going all the way up to 26ft for the mansion owners out there. The mats are great for training aim and speed control, and contain great visuals so the golfer doesn’t get bored too quickly. Obviously putting on grass can’t be replicated, but indoor mats are a good way to keep the eye in ready for the weekend. 
Other products the company offer include the ‘Big Tilt’ which is a large tilting platform that simulates the experience we have while putting on real greens. The platform can move and includes a laser aiming system, giving the golfer a great opportunity to train the feel and vision needed to be successful while on the course.

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