Compare Prices for Voice Caddie Products

Compare prices on Voice Caddie products
Voice caddie are a South Korean company who specialise in GPS devices for golf. The company was founded back In 2005, and have brought some unique equipment to the industry helping golfers all over the world to take their game to the next level. When Voice Caddie first came onto the golf scene, they introduced their ‘VC200’ GPS rangefinder which was a small unit that attached to the cap or belt. The device was activated by pushing a button, and a voice note followed giving a yardage to the centre of the green. 
Several versions have followed since the VC200 was released, and Voice Caddie have now branched out with their range of devices. GPS laser rangefinders and GPS watches are now on offer as the company begin to compete with the big hitters like Bushnell and Garmin in the rangefinder market. If you’re in the market for a laser rangefinder, check out the ‘SL2’ that Voice Caddie offer. The SL2 not only offers a laser rangefinder, it also contains a colour LCD screen which shows course information and specific yardages to hazards. Impressive! 

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