Compare Prices for Trion-Z Products

Compare prices on Trion-Z products
Since 1997 the brand Trion:Z have been turning heads with their magnetic wrist bracelets that they claim to have been scientifically proven to have positive effects on physical wellbeing. 

Through the use of powerful magnets infused with negative ions, the bracelets have the ability to reduce pain, and improve mobility throughout the body by improving bloodflow. Magnetic therapy is an alternative treatment that people all over the world have tried and have had success with.

Golf as we know can regularly be accompanied with aches and pains, especially for the senior players amongst us. It was for that reason that it was no shock to see golfers across all levels begin to be spotted with these bracelets on their wrists. If Rory Mcllroy and Rickie Fowler gave them a go, maybe we should take a leaf from their book? 

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