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Top 5  Carry & Trolley Golf Bags 2008
Whether you are planning to carry your clubs around with you under your own steam or hitching up to a trolley and speeding across the fairway, you will probably be wondering which golf bags are considered to be the best by experts and amateur users alike.

Here are two top fives, looking at the best new carry and trolley golf bags available on the market today, to help you decide which is best for you and your needs. Prices can go from £30 right up to over £200, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Top 5 Carry Bags

  1. Izzo Golf 08 Tagra Stand Golf Bags Izzo is one of the top rated manufacturers in both the Carry and Trolley golf bags market, so it is no surprise that its products top both these lists. This new ’08 model features the latest in strap technology to ensure comfort on the longest rounds, seven compartments to store your clubs and other pockets for valuables which you want to keep safe and dry if you get caught out on the course in a storm. The Izzo golf bags are ensured of a high placing not just because of their features but also because of their comparatively low price.
  2. Ogio golf ’08 Egde series Golf Bags. Claiming to be a ‘hybrid’ bag that straddles the lines between a well equipped carry golf bag and a cart bag, the sleekly designed Ogio range of golf bags feature a Zipperless Ball Pocket (ZBP) for quick access and very strong frame and stand design. It is only behind the Izzo because of its high price, but the form and function of this bag is hard to fault.
  3. Stewart Golf Pencil Carry Bag. Ideal for a quick game requiring fewer clubs, this extremely comfortable, small and sleek family of golf bags is also cheap if you are a lighter golfer looking for a bargain. Also boast most of the accessories of its larger, more expensive golf bags, including a convenient umbrella holder.
  4. Mizuno Golf ’08 Tour Series Stand Golf Bags. The frame of this bag is constructed from carbon fibre and fibre glass, resulting in a frame that is external, and making this one of the lightest large golf bags available, designed to be used by pros over long tour periods. This kind of technology does come at a price, though real enthusiast will reap the benefits over long periods of use.
  5. Skymax Golf Mini Stand Golf Bags. Ultimate value with reasonable features is available across the range of Skymax golfing products, and if you’re not afraid of the brand you will get lots of use on a budget from these golf bags.

Top 5 Trolley Bags

  1. Izzo ’08 Cruiser. Sporting a 14 way club divider, thermo and dry pockets an a detachable valuable pocket all for under £60 make this Izzo line of golf bags the easiest to recommend, and one of the most popular.
  2. Mizuno ’08 GTX Golf Bags. Another line-blurring golf bag, with a low stand attachment making it easy to carry or use on your cart. The colourful designs and colour-coded metallic trim excuses the high price.
  3. Callaway Weekender Golf Bags. The ultimate organiser golf bag and winner of the 2007 Golf Digest Hot List Gold Medal, this is the ideal bag to keep track of all your golfing accessories.
  4. Powakaddy Deluxe Trolley Golf Bags. Golf Bags designed specifically for use on trolleys and carts and bursting with features, it is only let down by its slightly higher price.
  5. Ram FXi Cheap, light weight and stylish golf bags, promising to keep your clubs in place from tee to green.
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