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Titleist AP2 Irons – Best UK Price

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Titlest AP2 Irons Review

Tour Level Irons For The Aspiring Mid-Capper – Titleist has long had a reputation as The Player’s Player’s Club. Their clubs were better known for accuracy, balance, workability, and craftsmanship. Basically, the word “forgiveness”, was not usually associated with the Titleist brand. The AP2 irons, however, represent Titleist’s entry into that newest category of iron–Player’s Club for the Aspiring Mid-capper.

Touch of Forgiveness

It wasn’t until recently that all the clubmakers jumped on the bandwagon and started building clubs for mid-cappers. Up until then, you pretty much had your choices limited to blades for players, chunky cavity backs for higher mid-cappers and aspiring high cappers, and super chunky clubs for beginners and high cappers. If you were a lower mid-capper with a repeatable swing, an ability to work the ball, a desire to become a low-capper/scratch golfer, but not quite ready for blades–you were out of luck. Clubs such as these AP2’s, sporting excellent balance, superior accuracy, forged feel, and the latest technology simply weren’t around. These clubs change all of that.

Great Workability

Balance is something that is of prime importance to all golfers, but to scratch golfers, a club without balance is absolutely worthless. These clubs have it in great abundance. From slow turning takeaway, to back of the neck follow through, club head awareness is an almost zen-like experience. You will know where that club head is at all times, and this makes working the ball left and right a heck of a lot easier as compared to most other irons currently in the market place.

Traditional Loft

Distance isn’t usually one of the main reasons people buy player’s clubs, but it is important to know that you don’t have to sacrifice distance just to get a club that sports good balance and that smooth as butter forged feel. These clubs are easily the equal of other tour level clubs in that department. Better yet, they didn’t have to juice the lofts to do it either. The Pitching Wedge in this set is still the old traditional 47* and not one of those over-juiced 44/45* 9 Irons in disguise that so many other sets are carrying these days.

Feels like butter!

The feel of these clubs, if I haven’t already mentioned it, is fit for the old cliche, “feels like buttah.” Titleist has always had a quality forging, and it shows. From the smooth swinging 21* 3 Iron to the high flying aforementioned 47* Pitching Wedge these clubs sport a feel that can’t be beat.

Along with the chunkier Titleist AP1 Irons, these Titleist AP2 Irons offer low- and mid-handicappers classic looking Titleist Irons with a touch of forgiveness.


  • High Performance Dual Cavity Irons
  • Multi-Material Heads
  • Forged 1025 Carbon Steel Body
  • Tungsten Nickel Sole, Elastomer Cavity Layer
  • 2010 USGA, R&A Conforming Grooves
  • Titleist Tour Velvet Grips
  • True Temper Dynamic Gold Shafts
  • 3- PW (RH & LH)

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