Tiger Woods New Putter: Nike Method 001 Review

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Tiger Woods New Putter - Nike Method

Tiger Woods New Putter: Nike Method – Best UK Price

Improve your distance control like Tiger!

Tiger Woods has been using his Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter for over 11 years, and has won 13 of his 14 majors with it. But for the 2010 Open Championship Tiger is using a Nike Method 001.

Tiger says “I’ve always struggled on slower greens…this [Nike Method 001] putter, with the new groove technology, rolls the ball better on slower greens”.

The revolutionary Method putter with Polymetal Groove Technology provides faster forward roll at impact for the kind of accuracy and consistency demanded by Tour professionals.

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  • Polymetal Groove Technology
    The softer polymer groove gives way to a milled steel secondary groove, starting the ball on a controlled forward roll at impact. Putters with milled steel face, or polymer-only inserts can require up to 30% of the total putting distance to begin a stable forward roll.
  • Heel-Toe Weighting
    The ported Polymetal Groove Technology allows 30 grams of internal weight to be excavated from the face and body and relocated to the perimeter for higher MOI and added stability.
  • Multi-Material Face
    The flowed-through low-durometer polymer material dampens impact vibrations for soft touch, while the interspersed milled steel face maintains audible feedback for proper distance control.
  • Method Putter Grip by Golf Pride
    Incorporating the well know feel from Golf Pride, the new Method putter grip is a classic pistol design for optimal control, and Eaton’s latest material for fantastic feel.

Nike Method Putter Styles Available

Method 001: Classic blade putter.
Nike Method Putter 001

Method 002: Heel shafted blade putter.
Nike Method Putter 002

Method 003: Heel shafted mid mallet putter.
Nike Method Putter 003

Method 004: Face balanced blade putter.
Method 005: Face balanced mid mallet putter.
Nike Method Putter 004 & 005

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