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If you’re a golfer who likes the idea of owning your own launch monitor, but don’t really fancy paying the big bucks for a trackman or the likes, a Swing Caddie could be the perfect alternative for you. Made by the company Voice Caddie, who also offer GPS watches and laser rangefinders, swing caddies are professional grade portable launch monitors that provide golfers with all the club and ball data they need to hone their skills. 
The ever improving golf equipment on offer might help us get a few yards more out of our clubs, or help us out with an off-centre strike, but the reason this often doesn’t result in lower scores is because accuracy is king! 
Using a portable launch monitor to help us learn our distances with each club, and give us a better picture of the trajectories we’re likely to see based on impact conditions is arguably going to be a lot more beneficial than upgrading to this season’s new big stick on offer. Think carefully!

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