Stewart F1 Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control Review

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Stewart F1 Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control

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Stewart F1 Electric Golf Trolley Lithium Battery – Best UK Price

Stewart F1 Electric Golf Trolley Remote Control

This has got to be the daddy of Electric Trolleys. Introducing the new Stewart F1 Lithium Electric Golf Trolley with Remote Control. Small enough to fit into the boot of your Porsche 911, Audi R8 or Bentley GTC, the Stewart F1 is designed with the most stylish golfer in mind.

The Stewart Golf F1 Lithium

Building on the success of the award winning Stewart X5 Electric Trolley, the Stewart design team were given carte blanche to come up with an improved trolley that was not only lighter and smaller when folded but also more integrated with the golf bag.

The key to achieving success in this project was subtly changing the purpose of the golf trolley from a vehicle that simply carried a golf bag, to a vehicle that carried golf clubs. The decision to integrate the supporting structure in to the golf bag meant that the chassis could be made to fold much smaller, whilst retaining the unfolded length and width required to maintain stability on the golf course.

The results are simply stunning.

Key Features

  • Remote Controlled
  • Unique Three Part Folding Chassis Design
  • Advanced Electronics System (36 Volts)
  • Lithium Ion Battery Weighs Just Over 2kg
  • Fits into Sports Car Boot
  • 14 Way Full Length Club Divider In The F1 Golf Bag
  • 12 Integrated Pockets

Stewart F1 Golf Bag

The Stewart F1 Lithium is unique in many ways, one of which is that the golf bag is an integral part of this dream machine.


  • 14 way full length club dividers
  • Velvet lined valuables pocket with waterproof zip
  • 12 pockets in total
  • Integrated rigid structure
  • Concealed mechanism for locking the bag to the chassis

F1 golf bags are available in 7 colours. The trolley chassis cover is normally the same colour as the golf bag, but you can also mix and match the colour of the cover and bag if you prefer.

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Technical Spec

Size & Weight

The brand new F1 Lithium weighs in at merely 12kg, along with the lithium battery just an extra 2kg. Collapsed sizes with the trolley wheels attached are just 66cm (wide), 47cm (high) and 31.9cm (deep). The F1 Lithium stands up straight when folded, producing a footprint just one 1 / 3 of the X3R.

Electronics System (36 Volts)

The new system is more efficient, much cooler running and better matched up to Li-Ion technology compared to more traditional 12V system. The F1 Lithium utilizes an improved version of the NASA-derived software which has won the X3R it’s enviable standing.

Battery (Lithium-Ion)

The new Li-Ion electric battery is a tailor made, 36V pack that is just one-third of the size of the X3R battery, and over 80% lighter at just over 2kg. Our tests show that the battery is capable of 27 holes and possibly more depending on conditions, although we can only guarantee 18 holes (please see notes on factors affecting battery life). The new battery monitor accurately shows how much power you have left at all times.

Wheels (Magnesium Alloy)

The all new alloy wheel design features a simplified quick release mechanism and a thick tyre for quiet running on hard surfaces. Production models will also feature a tread for grip on the golf course.

LCD Screen

The LCD screen on the rear cover shows an accurate battery monitor and other essential messages when necessary, including telling the user when to change their handset battery.

Product Images


Mid Blue

Silver & Red

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