Compare Prices - Ladies Golf A to Z

Advice on Buying Ladies Golf Equipment

There is an age old myth, presumably propagated by stuffy, Establishment types in the years before the world woke up to wholesale equality, that golf stood for "Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden". However, this little piece of folk etymology has luckily never been taken on in any broad way, and there are a growing number of women that take part in the devilishly difficult yet thoroughly rewarding game of golf.

Personages such as Annika Sorenstam, the world's most successful female golfer with over 70 professional tournament wins to her name, have done much to aggrandise ladies golf, and it has to be said that female golfers still require the same kind of kit a male golfer would.

First of all, you will of course need a set of ladies golf clubs. There are a number of different clubs available, which reflects the range offered to men. Of course, price will force your hand, as the supposedly higher quality clubs will set you back a little more than the basic clubs. It is up to experience what types of clubs suit your game, and you should do some research and buy the best you can because they are your most basic and vital tool and they must feel right.

Another thing this site can offer is a great selection of ladies golf bags. These too are pretty much essential, unless of course you feel you can drag your clubs around with you on your back! Again, there is a range of prices and styles, and in this case it is best to get something that will be comfortable to carry (if you're not going to wheel it) and, above all, strong and resilient, as it will be taking some weight and will be out with you in the rain and sun.

A pair of ladies golfing shoes are also important to your game, as the right grip is needed to pull some shots off; it is also important as you will be in those shoes for the best part of a day walking around, so they need to be comfortable! The usual golf manufacturers, such as Callaway, do a good line in ladies golf shoes and the big sports companies, such as Nike and Adidas, both also have an extensive range of quality shoes, all available through this site.

Finally, this site also offers a wide range of further, extra ladies golf accessories. These include everything from clothing, such as ladies waterproofs to keep the rain off, sweaters to keep warm out on the course and headwear, to cut down on glare and to keep the elements from disrupting your vision. Also there to beat the elements are a number of golf umbrellas, essential for keeping the rain off both yourself and your clubs. Finally, a selection of specially fitted gloves especially for women is available, to ensure you get the best possible grip on the club.

In all, if you are looking for anything for the lady golfer, this should be your first port of call.