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Advice on buying Junior Golf Equipment

Golf has become increasingly popular for younger players. Tiger Woods has certainly influenced a new generation of young players, and it is not unusual to see teenagers and even younger players carrying clubs, or practising their golf swing in the park. Golf is a great game for getting you outside in the fresh air. The thrill of hitting a great shot can make golf quite addictive. It can be fun or a challenge all within the same round of golf. In addition, the social aspect of golf is what attracts many people. Golf can be a team sport as well as a sport which allows individual talent to flourish.

Junior Golf Clubs

There are however certain factors to bear in mind when choosing a set of golf clubs for the younger player, although much of the advice aimed at adult golfers applies equally as well to younger players. Perhaps the most important factor is making sure that the junior golfer has the correct size of golfing equipment. Golf clubs are not something that should be readily compromised on. Incorrectly sized golf equipment can lead to young players trying to over compensate, and a young player needs to develop good habits early on. Using golf equipment which is too large can have a detrimental effect on golf swing and stance.

There are broadly three age range categories, firstly for three to five year olds, secondly for the six to eight age group and thirdly the nine to twelve year old age group. Each age group has available a range of clubs which are suitable for the size of the player and likely swing speed. The clubs will usually be the correct length and thickness and will be made from materials which are suitable to give the correct flex to enable a young player to play to his full potential. Junior players will often need fewer golf clubs initially. Younger players may well find that they can hit the ball no further with one club than another so often a junior golf set will have a maximum of five clubs only. Find further reading in our buyer guide below.

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Junior Golf Shoes

Correct golfing footwear should also be taken into account. The cost of a good pair of golf shoes needs to be worked in to the budget. Shoes which are not only comfortable to wear, but allow good grip are essential for the young golfer to develop good playing habits. Modern golf shoes often combine an element of style to attract younger players. Find further reading in our buyer guide below.

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