Compare Prices for Rife Products

Compare prices on Rife products
If you’re a golfer who likes your technology, or you tend to like to think outside of the box in order to make improvements, Rife Golf’s putters could well be for you. Formed in 1997, Rife sprang onto the scene with their first putter named the 2Bar, which included the revolutionary ‘RollGroove’ technology that the company use in all of their putters available today.
A horizontal grooved face putter ensures that the ball comes off the face with topspin, unlike traditional putters where skipping and skidding can come into play. Just like the grooves on our irons have a big effect on club performance, the putter is exactly the same. We could all do with the more consistent and accurate roll that Rife say their putters provide. Europe’s postman Ian Poulter is one of the more decorated golfers to have used a Rife putter in the past, and he’s not too shabby when it comes to holing important putts..

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