Compare Prices for Rawspeed Products

Compare prices on Rawspeed products
Rawspeed is a company who joined the golfing world in 2018 with their swing trainer specifically designed to increase speed. Speed is a buzzword in golf at the moment, as the likes of Bryson DeChambeau and co continue to push the boundaries in how fast a golf club can me moved. The days of the golfer who plot their way around the golf course look to be numbered, as we watch the pro’s take apart courses weekly on the professional circuit. For young up and coming golfers, this way of playing is beginning to be seen as the norm. 
Rawspeed have developed a set of equipment which is designed to improve swing speed by applying the ‘overspeed training’ principle. The company claim that an 8% increase in speed can be seen within 6-8 weeks of training following the use of the bespoke Rawspeed club which includes specially adapted weight attachments. Golfers usually fall into the trap of buying new drivers in the hope of gaining 10 yards, where in actual fact, if they gained clubhead speed, they’d more than likely see the gains they wanted, while saving £300! Think about it…   

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