Compare Prices for PowerBug Products

Compare prices on PowerBug products
PowerBug are a UK based electric trolley company that since 2003, have offered golfers with ‘The best value electric golf trolleys on the market’. Gone are the days where you needed 2 people to lift an electric trolley into the back of the car, and you could potentially put your back out when lifting the battery. Today, trolleys are lightweight and compact, and are littered with technology that makes the whole experience an absolute pleasure for the avid golfer.
A feature that sets PowerBug aside from the rest is the mini lithium battery that they offer with their flagship ‘Tour Series’ trolleys. Weighing in at only 1kg and lasting comfortably for 27 holes of golf, the compact design will without doubt catch any golfer’s eye. Tech including downhill control and an electric parking break gives the trolley a touch of class, and the 3 year warranties included ensures that the owner has peace of mind while out on the course. PowerBug offer 3 different models to choose from, and should certainly never be overlooked if you’re in the market. 

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