Powakaddy Classic Legend Electric Golf Trolley Review

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Powakaddy Classic Legend Electric Golf Trolley

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Well priced and built-to-last the Powakaddy Classic Legend continues to be one of the best selling trolleys around.

It’s not hard to see why the Classic Legend like its brother the Freeway has become one of the most popular electric golf trolleys in the world. Immediately sending out the right message of confidence and professional style, this golf trolley has a number of features that makes it stand out over the competition. Utilising the latest technological advancements, the Classic Legend is lightweight yet robust, quick but easily controlled, and also boasts a noiseless engine along with detachable parts for easy storage. These features, however, should not distract from one final performance paradox – the extremely competitive price of this high performance golf trolley.

Powakaddy Classic Legend – Quick Overview

powakaddy classic legend controls Controls

One click of the green button sends your cart 15 yards, two clicks 30 and three clicks 45 yards.

The black and yellow variable control knob controls the speed of your cart.

powakaddy classic legend gearbox Gearbox and motor

The Powakaddy Classic Legend is fitted with a Freeway Style sealed gearbox and motor for near silent operation, and a soft start silent electronic controller with unique Interconnect system.

powakaddy classic legend battery Battery and Charger

The battery is the power source for the Classic golf trolley and is available in either 18 hole (supplied as standard) or 36 hole. PowaKaddy use the best battery technology available. These lead-acid cyclic batteries use thelatest technology to immobilise the electrolyte in the battery. This makes them very safe to use and maintenance free for their whole serviceable life.

The charger supplied with the Classic is specially designed to charge the battery at optimum levels. The unit is very simple to use. With the latest state-of-the-art switchmode technology, the charger is double insulated and features reverse polarity protection.

powakaddy classic legend wheels Wheels

Narrow lightweight wheels with freewheel option.

The yellow button slides across for quick release of the wheel.

powakaddy classic legend fold-away Folding Away

In seconds the Classic Legend dismantles into three handy sections to fit into the smallest car boot.

powakaddy classic legend dimensions Dimensions

Powakaddy Classic Legend Construction

The Classic Legend is an extremely practical golf trolley. The alloy handles and wheel stems can be removed for convenient storage and is easy to reassemble for use on the course. When setup, the trolley measures 90cm high, 64cm wide, and 79cm from front to back, weighing just 18kg. Once in action the strong chassis ensures the trolley can withstand the terrain of a full eighteen holes. This strength contrasts perfectly with the gearbox and motor which are sealed and are remarkably quiet when in operation.

Battery & Charger

Importantly, the Classic Legend is reliable. Batteries are available that are specifically designed to last either eighteen (12V 24amp) or thirty-six holes and have added hassle-free and safety benefits through the immobilisation of the electrolyte within them. Even the charger bears the mark of advancement. It has twice the insulation of regular devices as well as reverse polarity protection.

Controls & Operation

With so much technology and so many features, it is a relief to know that the Classic Legend is easy to operate and control. From the simple slide control that allows the instant release of the lightweight wheels, to the controller that allows you to move the trolley from a distance, the emphasis is on straightforward handling. One flick of the on/off switch is all it takes. There is a simple speed setting knob, as well as the ability to instruct the distance for the cart to travel simply through the number of times the green button is pressed. This ranges from one click sending the trolley fifteen yards, up to three clicks moving the trolley forty-five yards.

What reviewers say

Reviews have been universally positive, noting the versatility of the Classic Legend with its freewheeling ability, the high quality of the trolley, good reliability, and even the great service and confidence in the available support from Powakaddy. The reassurance of having comprehensive professional help available when it’s needed is just another benefit to consider when buying this product. It has also been pointed out by customers that the quality of product received was worth the extra money that might have been saved had they invested in a push pull trolley or even a lesser, unreliable electric trolley.


With all the advantages of a well-priced, high quality golf trolley at your disposal, the Powakaddy Classic Legend Electric Golf Trolley is a great buy that will allow you to save your energy for perfecting those putts and sharpening your swing. Compare prices on the Classic Legend now.

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