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Popular Blade and Mallet puttersThe putter is the most used club in the bag, and it is crucial that golfers can hole the ball consistently.

Choosing the best putter depends on a player’s stroke. For those with an “arcing” stroke, a heel-toe blade may be best, while those that putt with less clubface twisting may like a mallet.

The following seeks to provide guidelines on some of the best putters in the UK, ranging from £20 to £200+.

SkyMax Budget Putter

Reviewers found the Budget Putter made for easy alignment and a solid ball strike. The oversize putter head inspired confidence in the higher handicappers, who were pleased by better consistency.

MD Golf Players Stardust

The Players Series Stardust putter is an impressive product at such a low price. It competes well with any other current blade putter, in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Hippo Hex

The hexagonal shape of the putter head looks unusual, but feels absolutely spot on, right from the outset. This putter was a great hit, especially with the higher handicap reviewers.

MacGregor DCT

The “Distance Control Technology” putter was designed to forgive less than perfect strikes. The face insert minimises the distance lost on off-centre putts and is ideal for players who struggle to make solid contact with the ball.

Ping Karsten

The Karsten is up-to-date model of a Ping original blade putter. It combines quality engineering with a classic style. The new version has a soft face insert and improved alignment aids.

Macro Golf Square Stroke Mallet

This putter’s key feature is the long, wide, flat MACRO® Grip. This requires an alteration in putting grip, but the low-handicap reviewers made the adjustment quite quickly. It is ideal for golfers struggling to keep the face square through the ball.

Heavy Putter DF

The new DF putter weighs a total of 900g, making it much easier to put a smooth stroke on the ball. The additional weight makes it ideal for golfers who overuse their hands when putting or consistently come up short of the hole.

Popular Putters

Men’s Putters

Hippo Hex

Reviewers reported this to be a well-balanced putter, allowing easy alignment of putts. With a face insert providing excellent feel, control of distance was well above average. At the price, this putter must represent the best value for money.

MD Golf Players Stardust

This MD Golf putter earned a lot of respect and admiration from reviewers. They rated its alignment that of a top-quality blade, with excellent feel for distance. It is ideal for those with a limited budget, performing as well as the “premium” brands, but with a far smaller price tag, representing excellent value for money.

Heavy Putter DF

Reviewers, especially the higher handicappers, were delighted with this putter. All players liked the deep face design and face texture. It was particularly effective from about the 6-foot range, eliminating the “yips” completely, but performance from long-range received mixed reports.

Ladies’ Putters

Wilson Staff Kirk Currie II

Wilson Staff and Kirk Currie engineered this putter with a unique interchangeable weight system allowing adjustment of the shaft and sole weight to suit a player’s preferences. Reviews suggest it is more forgiving than some, resulting in a purer strike.

Lynx Tigress Putter

Lynx designed the shaft of this putter with triple bending for maximum control on the green. The milled face insert felt strange at first to some players. The alignment aid makes this a great club for less confident players.

Odyssey Ladies 2-Ball Divine Line Putter

An excellent club with perhaps the only downside being the high price tag. Reviewers found it very forgiving, while its 2 ball alignment aid made lining up putts easy and accurate.

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