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For the golf pros out there the driving range is a place where people of all abilities go to hit 50 or 100 balls as hard as they possibly can and not necessarily in the right direction. While pros may think that driving ranges are for those newer to the game, they are increasingly finding out that there is a place for them too.

So why would an avid golfer ever feel the need to frequent a driving range if it’s more about firepower than finesse? Well, some courses actually have their own range, making it the ideal place to get loose and put in some last minute preparation before hitting the course. Don’t be fooled by a cracking warm-up though – as early as the first tee there’s every chance of things going horribly wrong. A perfect practice doesn’t always mean you’ll be flawless in the fairway, and vice versa of course.

Such inconsistency is common; even the pros can have a shocker of a practice session before going on to hit a round well under par. The real trick is to try to practice just as you play, which admittedly isn’t easy. Coaches of all sports simulate real game scenarios for their athletes and players so that techniques eventually learn to hold up under pressure.

As an example, hitting shot-after-shot with your driver at the range simply isn’t the best thing to do as this isn’t likely to happen during a round (unless you keep hitting the ball out-of-bounds from the tee!). The correct approach to take would be to imagine an actual round with par 3s, 4s and 5s, meaning woods, irons and wedges will all get a run-out.

Many pros are known to use this technique so if it works for them then it must be well worth a try. It will clearly require some discipline because when standing on a range with a bucketful of balls by your side it is all too tempting to get you head down and give them a good whack. A lot of success in sport is down to what goes on between the ears just as much as on a physical level which is why a driving range is brilliant for getting yourself in the zone and thinking about your game rather than just practicing striking the ball.

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