Compare Prices for Leica Products

Compare prices on Leica products
Leica are German company that manufactures the likes of cameras, binoculars and rangefinders. Founded back in 1869, Leica was initially known as The Leitz company, until 1986 when the company became Leica, which is derived from the founders name ‘Leitz’, and the first two letters of the word ‘camera’. 
Although the rangefinders that the company sell have predominantly been used by hunters in the past, there’s been a large increase in the interest of golfers in their products of late. The compact and lightweight nature of the rangefinders when compared to the binocular type appeals to many, and the ease of use which has been positively referred to by golf equipment review websites such as ‘Golfposer’ and ‘Golfalot’ suggests that Leica rangefinders can compete with the very best on the market. 

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