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Junior golferGolf is a difficult game to learn and requires patience and lots of practice but mastering it can be very rewarding.

One way to encourage young golfers is to get them hitting balls as soon as possible and this can be made easier for them buy buying kids golf sets or junior golf sets.

What age?

The size of golf club you require is determined by the height of your child. There are junior golf sets aimed at 5-8 year olds or children 41-50 inches tall, up to junior golf sets for 9-12 year olds or children 51-59 inches tall. Using clubs that are appropriate for your height enables you to swing the club better and ultimately have more control over the ball.

US Kids Childrens Golf Starter Sets

US Kids are one of the most popular makes and have a very well thought sizing system. Their junior golf sets are available in several colours for kids like, pink, blue, green, yellow and black. The smaller kids will enjoy the colors, but they are actually coloured based on the height of your child. Here’s how it to find the correct US Kids golf starter set for your child.

Step 1 – Measure your childs height in inches.

Step 2 – Match your childs height to the correct set below


In the UK, retailers have added rough age groups to the US Kids sizing system – you’ll see this when you visit their websites. However, it’s best to use the US Kids Sizing System (as above) when selecting the right golf set for your child.

Budget junior golf sets

Getting your kid started needn’t cost the earth, as you can see from the junior golf sets above there are sets available for as little as £50.

However, if you’re looking for great value I’d recommend that you spend just a little more and consider buying RAM, Ben Sayers, Nike, Wilson Staff and US Kids. For around the £100 mark you’ll get an excellent junior golf set which includes a 3 wood, irons, putter and a good quality golf bag.

Premium Junior Golf Sets

While the golf sets mentioned above are great, if you’re looking to give your kid(s) the best possible start then you may want to look at junior golf sets from Callaway, Cobra and Mizuno. They cost a little more, around the £170 mark, but are better quality and include Driver, utility, 2 or 3 irons, PW, Putter and a golf bag.

The pick of the Premium Junior Golf Sets for me is the Callaway X Junior golf set as it includes titanium driver, stainless steel fairway wood, irons 5, 7, 9 and SW, a award winning Odyssey 2 ball putter and a smart Callaway bag, complete with built in stand. This is remarkable when you consider what it would cost to buy the adult equivalent from the same manufacturer. These callaway clubs will also hold their value better and should be easier to sell on second hand when your child has outgrown them. At the top of the range is the newly launched Callaway X Junior golf set which uses the same technology found in the adult X series of clubs.

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