Compare Prices for Hyperice Products

Compare prices on Hyperice products
Unfortunately with sport, there’s always a chance of an injury popping up out of the blue when we’re least expecting it. Although golf doesn’t necessarily come with the risks of maybe football in terms of muscular injuries, it can’t be overlooked when considering that we sometimes see players swinging a golf club in excess of 100mph. 
Golf is an explosive sport, and research has shown that back problems and rotator cuff muscle injuries are among the most prevalent in the game due to the rotational stresses that the golf swing naturally brings. Fortunately, thanks to modern day technology, we can take certain steps before and after activity to minimise the risk of injury, and Hyperice are a company at the forefront of this in golf.  
Hyperice were founded in 2011 by Anthony Katz, and the company have designed a set of equipment that prepares the body for the stresses of exercise, as well as aiding recovery in the aftermath. The company offer the likes of massagers, air compression equipment, foam rollers and icing equipment, and all can be used to target specific issues that players may come across. Hyperice products have been backed by scientists, and are used by professional sports teams and players around the world. 

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