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What is GolfMission?

Awarded Golf-Europe Product of the Year – Best Training Aid of 2010, Golfmission is golf improvement made easy. It is a simple, entertaining on-course side-game with serious benefits. Playing the game actually helps you play better golf.

It is said that golf is 80% mental and although there are many books and CDs on the subject, until now, there has been no product that helps you with your mental game out on the golf course.

GolfMission does just that. It sets targets and goals within the round that stretch and challenge golfers, helps them focus better, play better and ultimately, score better. And its fun!

Played regularly, GolfMission has been proven to help lower handicaps and during a three month trial we had some astounding results with handicap drops of up to 9 points! We have endorsements from 3 PGAs including
the Director of Training & Education of the PGA of Great Britain.

GolfMission is not only a great game, it is also a great coaching aid that gets golfers to focus their mind”Lee-Jay Barnes
Head Golf Professional –
The Celtic Manor Resort (Ryder Cup 2010)

The game is handicapped and can be played by a two, three or four-ball, groups of any size or for a solo practice round. It can be enjoyed by any number of golfers of all ages and abilities. Ideal for societies and events!

How does it work?

  • At the start of the round each player receives a GolfMission card
  • Every card is different and lists 6 missions
  • Depending on your handicap you will need to complete three to six of the missions
  • Play the game alongside your usual format
  • Complete all your missions to win
  • It’s as simple as that!

The facts:

Most players practice better than they play, are unaccustomed to dealing with pressure and have difficulty focusing and staying mentally in the game throughout the round.

GolfMission makes your practice and social rounds more like the real thing so when you are in competition conditions, medal rounds or stroke-play events, you are used to the feelings that come with pressure and can perform better.

Playing GolfMission on a regular basis will:

  • help keep you focused, present and mentally in the game right up the last hole
  • encourage better course management
  • bridge the gap between social and competitive golf and accustom you to competition pressure
  • create new patterns of thinking on the course
  • focus you on tasks not scores
  • add positive emotional impact to your game
  • build confidence
  • lower your score

The game has been tested during development over several years and played by golf pros, high and low handicappers, juniors and groups and is universally enjoyed by all who play. Itʼs simple, it’s fun and it works!


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