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golfing in style review

We have just been checking out brand new golfing website called Golfing in Style which has recently been launched. This website provides something a bit different to other websites out there at the moment, namely they sell clothes for use both on and off the golf course.

As we all know golf is an expensive game to take up when you consider the initial outlay on clubs, more on a driver and fairway wood or rescue as well as a bag to put them all in and the accessories. That is before you have even thought about the clothes that you have to put on in order to step on to the course. In the past there have been two completely separate wardrobes, one for off the course and most definitely for on it.

Golfing in Style lets golfers combine their everyday wardrobe with their golf wardrobe….cutting down cost”Tom May
Golfing in Style

Golfing in Style has been launched to try and cut down some of this initial expense and all items sold can be worn as easily in the workplace, university or in your local as they can at your local club. The site has two main fully focused golf brands, these are Adidas and Stromberg. Stromberg are the site’s main trouser specialist. They sell a vast array of trousers from the standard casual chino to the funky San Lorenzo.

Tom May, Golfing in Style Owner, says “I created Golfing in Style as I had a wardrobe full of golf clothes that couldn’t be worn at work or in everyday life. This seemed silly as there are plenty of clothes out there which enable you to do both. I’ve tried to bring some of these brands together on the website to let the amateur golfer combine their wardrobes and cut down on some of the expense that playing golf involves”.

Next up is UKKO which fits the sites ethos perfectly. All of the UKKO range is classic British Style but with attention to detail and quality in mind. The jumpers of UKKO are a real find, all made with superior grade PIMA cotton and having the trademark UKKO logo in titanium on the chest really sets them apart from anything else out there.

The other brands this site stocks are more fashioned based but have a range of clothing with golf in mind. Merc for instance, whose heritage is from the Mod days of the 60’s and is worn more by musicians and celebrities are again a perfect fit. Their range of woollen jumpers and tank tops for are ideal for the course. Subtle detailing and the classic Merc logo on the chest mean that you can wear it in the office too.

A brilliant example of this fashion crossover is from Boxfresh, the originators of street wear in the UK wouldn’t generally be thought of as the next golf brand but again it works perfectly. They have a classic cardigan with contrast piping, a take on the argyle style jumper, a good range of polo shirts with horizontal stripes in navy and red. Lastly they also have the skinny fit chino in khaki and blue for the more fashion conscious golfer.

Golfing in Style is clearly aimed at the younger golfer and have a mix of brands that this new generation of golfer will be familiar with. For the more fashion conscious golfers out there this website is definitely worth checking out. Being able to wear your golf clothes in everyday life really is an excellent idea and in tough economic times also helps the bank balance too. Check out the site at

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